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Exceptional Innovation debuts iQ cast standalone streaming product for all hotels

Exceptional Innovation is pleased to announce the debut of its standalone iQ cast entertainment solution, powered by Google Chromecast. Built on the company’s previous success with iQ in-room’s integrated streaming capability, this latest solution is guest experience driven to meet the need of all hoteliers interested in providing an over-the-top streaming option for guests quickly and easily. Whether installed alongside their current in-room entertainment solution, their current HSIA solution, their existing iQ in-room and iQ internet solutions, or as their in-room entertainment solution, the iQ cast streaming solution provides hotel guests precisely what they demand by ensuring guest privacy and providing a security feature for the hotelier.

“From our first iQ in-room installation with integrated Chromecast, customers have asked whether we could provide our streaming functionality without requiring purchase of the set-top box solution. iQ cast does just that. It provides hotel guests the ability to stream their own content, and it provides the hotelier a streaming solution without the need to install a set-top box in each room. This is a secure, easy-to-use solution that doesn’t require more equipment in the guest room environment, provides guest support and gives hoteliers peace of mind so they can focus on the daily management and operations of the hotel,” says Eric Eichensehr, Chief Technology Officer for Exceptional Innovation.

iQ cast enables guests to stream their favorite entertainment from their phone, tablet or laptop directly to their in-room TV using Chromecast devices in a variety of configurations. iQ cast can be implemented using the following three options:

  • Integrated with the HSIA system to provide a seamless connected streaming experience directly to the guestroom TV
  • Integrated with interactive TV system to provide a guided streaming experience along with any interactive TV system.
  • Standalone with a non-interactive TV or TV system to provide a streaming experience directly to the guestroom TV

In addition to the streaming capabilities now available, iQ cast comes with a Hotel Systems Dashboard that provides system analytics, graphical data, and reporting metrics to help hoteliers manage their devices and better understand device status, application use and performance, reliability, and demand on their Wi-Fi network. For ease of implementation across the property, an AndroidTM -based setup tool is included to allow mobile setup of in-room devices.

iQ cast is available globally today with installations beginning immediately. While iQ cast is available as a standalone product, the Chromecast experience is also available with Exceptional Innovation’s proven iQ in-room solution with integrated Chromecast on the STB-4000 hardware platform for hoteliers who prefer a set-top box environment.

For more information on iQ cast, please visit www.exceptionalinnovation.com/stream. 


About Exceptional Innovation

Exceptional Innovation (EI) is relentlessly focused on discovering, developing and delivering innovative solutions that connect our customers to the people they serve through the advanced use of technology.  With our global reach, range and resources, we provide our customers with iQx, a unified platform for driving their vision into their markets using consistent and reliable entertainment and connectivity services. Our integrated iQ solutions leverage the platform to assist our customers in making intelligent decisions to actively engage and inspire through interactive experiences.

For more information, visit www.exceptionalinnovation.com.

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